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James Clemens started out in business at an early age. By the age of 8, James was being taught how the family business was operated and worked his way through each process as he grew up.

This unusual childhood was ideally-suited for James and his desire to learn how things work. As a third-generation Italian designer/builder, James has been instrumental in hundreds of businesses and he owns a few more with his wife, Gina.

By the time James was 18, he had amassed a solid foundation of skills while working full time while doing schoolwork. Shortly after, he decided to shake things up and went to work as the live-in construction superintendent for a condominium on Panama City Beach. This shift was the jolt that led to James meeting Gina.

Together, James and Gina set off on new adventures that fueled new desires to start a business. They wanted a business model that could support them both and allow them to spend more time together, too. And James needed to fight the addiction to build and race GM performance cars. Gina and researching business ideas were just the distractions he needed.

Mica Specialties was started in 1992 to provide high-end, highly-performing products to consumers, businesses and the U.S. Government. We are still here today working smart for our clients. We enjoy the process of creating, designing, and building unique products, and we understand the needs of a business to succeed. We are small business specialists.

Even after nearly 30 years working in the technology sector, James has maintained a quality, professional relationship with the world's finest & largest technology companies, such as Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Intel, Logitech, Razer, and many, many more. He is dedicated to our client’s success, while keeping our team in adherence to the best practices of the products and services we use for client success.


A fun fact about James is that he started using DOS 1.1 around 1982, and was a power-user of every version thereafter, including all versions of Windows. James later became a paid Alpha Software Tester for Microsoft, Microsoft Partner, and OEM Builder. All the while designing and creating. James always stayed grounded in the study of architecture, construction, and engineering. James is very attentive and endlessly curious. And these traits make for fun, yet productive days at the agency.

James brings forth over 30 years of marketing experience. He was named the 2015 Top 3 Most Inspirational Member with the North America Google Partner Community and a 2016, 2017, and 2018 Google Top Contributor for AdWords and Google Partners. This led to becoming a PE in 2018 and James is now a highly-esteemed PE with Google - and recently presented an International Award as the Google PE Ambassador ‘20-’21 recipient. Yes, James is a very dedicated technologist and advertising professional.

With his wide-open thirst for knowledge, you can be sure that James enjoys a wide range of subjects. Some other areas of high interest are: website design, computer design, software programming, cyber security, web server technologies, mobile web design, HTML, CSS, PHP and more. These are just some of the many areas of interest. While James’ skills are wide ranging, he has a passion for Windows Computers, Google, Web Development, Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Local SEO, Graphic Design, Brand Building, Cyber Security, and IT services.

As the founder and director of Mica Specialties, James is extremely dedicated to each business we assist. No matter the size or scope, each business is of utmost importance to us. We work hard for our clients and, as James puts it, hard work is good for the soul. James loves a great pizza and a difficult challenge with the endless pursuit of perfection. He motivates the Mica Specialties’ team to “think ahead, engage the situation, and master it.” Simply put, we love technology and marketing!

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James Clemens, Mica Specialties

Mica Specialties
Panama City Beach, FL

  • James Clemens is the founder of Mica Specialties and remains emerged in the subjects of advertising, technology, automotive, and robotics. He is a technologist with a thirst for learning more.

    James has earned a large collection of awards, accolades, and certifications that solidly reinforces his ever-sharpened skillset within this exciting industry. Below represents just a tiny sampling.

    Gigabyte Bullet Google Designated Diamond Product Expert for Google Ads
    Gigabyte Bullet Alignable Local Business Person of the Year, '20-'21 Panama City Beach
    Gigabyte Bullet Google Designated Platinum Product Expert for Google My Business
    Gigabyte Bullet PCB Chamber of Commerce 2021 Business Excellence Award
    Gigabyte Bullet Google Designated Diamond Product Expert for Android

    Gigabyte Bullet Panama City Beach Chamber of Commerce Ambassador of the year 2020
    Gigabyte Bullet Google Designated Silver Product Expert for Google Accounts
    Gigabyte Bullet Presenter at Google, California
    Gigabyte Bullet Presenter at Google, Ireland


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