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  • Technology Consultancy & IT Services. Digital Ad Agency & Website Design

    Mica Specialties was started by me, James E. Clemens II, and my wife Gina, back in 1992 as a design & build company located in Panama City, Florida. Over the years, we have had to adapt to the changes within the business & technology sector, while creating unique products.


    There were fierce struggles and high achievements, much the same as today's market. But through the years, the company stayed determined to survive.


    I am proud of my Italian family heritage, and as the third generation (maybe more) of my family to design and build consumer products, I have created everything from fine furniture to computer products and beyond. My company, Mica Specialties, has supplied products and services to retail stores, restaurants, doctors’ offices, law firms, financial institutions, motels/hotels, condos, amusement parks, heavy manufacturing industries, trade shows, marine-crafts, local & state governments and the United States Air Force. As needs progress, Mica Specialties finds a solution.


    Today, we are still determined to survive. We care about our products and how they affect you and your surroundings. We believe in a better tomorrow and we hope you will believe in it, too. You can always find the latest information about Mica Specialties’ family of web sites here at Mica Specialties' company home page.


    If we can be of help in any way, please Contact Us today. We are here to help!


    Thank you for visiting Mica Specialties.


Panama City, FL

  • As locals to beautiful Bay County, Florida, we love the Southeast United States and we stay embraced & connected to it. We are here to stay and want to help you stay, too, by helping your business build a brand that builds in value in strength.

  • We want to put technology to work for you and make it easy on your whole business.

  • We understand the strains of small businesses and we know you need a positive ROI - with real business generated with your marketing dollars. Mica Specialties is a full service design company with strong brand building & website development expertise.