Google Account Insights

  • What is a Google Account?

    Your Google Account is the gateway to the world of Googley Great products and services by Alphabet, Inc., the parent company of Google. It’s free to create your Google Account and it only takes a few minutes to do so. But realize that a Google Account is different from a Gmail Account yet you do need a Google Account to create a Gmail mail address.

    A free Google Account can be enhanced through a monthly subscription model that unlocks various layers of features for your Google Account, Gmail, Drive, and more. Many enterprises and businesses use the paid version to get more production from their team through smart file sharing and better collaboration and a proper way to manage a mobile fleet in this remote work world we now have to embrace.

    At the time of this writing, the subscription services are provided under the Google Workspace branding. Before this these services were referred to as G Suites. If you started with G Suites you are likely Google Workspace now. But if you haven’t used G Suites in the past or want to learn more about Google Workspace, please click this link to visit the official website by Google.

  • James Clemens, Google Product Expert for Google Accounts

    James Clemens is the founder of Mica Specialties and he is deeply-involved with the movements of many Google products and services. So it is not all that surprising that he found a way to assist end users and have the appreciation of Google to present yet another Product Expert title to him for Google Accounts.

    Because of the many Google products and services that James is intimately involved with, Mica Specialties is a team of technology blasters that get all too geeky and spend way too much time on the chase for knowledge that expands our understandings. If you are needing some help with your Google Account, we might be able to help.


James Clemens, Google My Business Product Expert

Google My Business Product Expert

  • James Clemens is the founder of Mica Specialties and he is deeply-involved with the movements of the Google and this includes Google Accounts. He first started sorting through issues that users of Google Ads would have with a Google Account way back before the official assembly of a “Google Account.”

    James has earned a large collection of awards, accolades, and certifications that solidly reinforces his ever-sharpened skillset within this exciting industry.