Android OS From The Eyes of a Product Expert

  • What is Android?

    Android is open source software that is provided to hardware manufacturers as a smart option to power their devices. The manufacturers will then customize the Android code to fit the features of their devices. This brings about more options for consumers and a more robust and adaptable experience for the end user. Android is under constant development by Google and it was launched to the public in 2006 after a 2 or 3 year developmental path.

    Fun Fact: It was first dreamed as the perfect operating system for digital cameras but quickly shifted to become a prototype for a new smartphone platform.

    Between the launch and current day, the Googley Great Android team has been busy at work adapting the OS to TVs, Smart Devices, Wearables, Tablets, and just about any other type of mobile device and more. However, with so many different versions of the Android operating system, two different users will likely have two very different experiences. This can make troubleshooting and assisting someone else harder in some cases. Directing your mom or coworker to "swipe and press" may work on your device but not on theirs.

  • James Clemens, Google Diamond Product Expert for Android

    James Clemens, is a Google Designated Diamond Product Expert for Android. He has been interested in Android since its inception and enjoys continually learning about the advancements with the Android platform. James remains friendly and professional while assisting end users of Android devices. And he has maintained quality relationships with various Googlers on the Android team. James is especially happy to have such great friendships with fellow PEs with Android and Googlers, alike. The collective intelligence we all bring forward allows us each to expand on our own general knowledge of Android. It really is a super way to learn.

    The neat thing to realize about Android is that it is provides the interface for your hardware. Yes, Android powers your hardware. Android makes interacting with your hardware device easier and extremely powerful. Sometimes a little hands-on training with your Android device is needed to best master it. If you are seeking professional assistance with the management or use of Android devices, Mica Specialties just may be perfectly suited to resolve it. Please do get it contact and we will give serious consideration to your inquiry.


James Clemens, Android Product Expert

Product Expert

  • James Clemens is the founder of Mica Specialties and he is deeply-involved with the movements of many Google products and services. James is a technologist with a thirst for learning more. This pursuit is what brought him so far into the Android world with Google. And that journey ultimately led to James earning the esteemed Diamond Product Expert status presented by Google to a very select few across the globe.

    James has earned a large collection of awards, accolades, and certifications that solidly reinforces his ever-sharpened skillset within this exciting industry.