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We are busy at hand creating something unique within the computer security world. A program that will change the way you look at computers! The MM-7 software security program is based on the Nex-xTechnology™ being developed by Mica Specialties.

Nex-xTechnology was developed by the team at M.I.C.A. while working with Mica Machines and the many other computer divisions of Mica Specialties.

The MM-7 program was designed by James E. Clemens II, System Designer for Mica Machines. It has been at the forefront of his attention while running Mica Specialties. MM-7 was created for Windows XP and later adapted for Windows 7. It has not been decided if we will further develop our program for Windows 10 and beyond.

While we are still working on the MM-7 program, we will be ready to release the MM-7 security program sometime in the undetermined future. A small alpha build was released in February 2008, and again in September 2012, that provided valuable feedback in the design of the MM-7 Suite. With further development over the years leading to the current version and beta builds, we may offer new versions at various stages of development to a select group of trusted advisors to fine-tune the final product.

We will keep you updated on our progress here. Thank you for inquiring about the MM-7 Security Suite software program. If you are in need of securing your home or business computers or network, please contact us today. We are here to help.


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While we continue to build & develop our own unique software for the Windows platform, we have plenty of credible and affordable computer software to tackle the most demanding technical needs.

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